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Frequently Asked Questions

How are your products shipped

Rutland normally uses UPS ground shipping with express shipping also available at extra cost. Extra large or very heavy items may need to be shipped via freight company, FOB Orlando, Florida. Applicable shipping weight includes packaging and crating if required. Orders may also be picked up at our warehouse in Orlando.

When will I receive my order

Typically orders are ready for delivery within 1-2 weeks from when we received payment. large custom orders can take up to 4 - 5 weeks a member of Rutland s team can advise you on these dates

What are standard gutter lengths

Standard gutter lengths are 10' we can make custom lengths up to 20' depending on style and size of gutter for shipping, and 30' for pickup.

What are the best hangers to use with Half Round Inside Bead Gutters?

Hidden hangers are very commonly used with this gutter type. They sit inside the gutter, so they are invisible to the eye. It is also possible to use fascia mount, roof-mounted or rafter mounted hanger. We are pleased to supply our customers with a wide variety of fascia mount hangers and half-round decorative gutter hangers to choose from.

What Hangers to use with K-style Gutters?

Customers choosing the K-style gutter have a variety of hanger options available to them. They can use a hidden hanger, full face bar hanger (fascia mount, roof mount, or rafter mount). We can also supply a support hanger that can be used with a hidden hanger.

What hangers should I use with box gutters?

Making sure you have adequate support for your box gutters is imperative. Hangers should fix to box gutters at no more than 2.25m centers. Attachment to timber fascias without further support is not advised, and brick piers, gallows brackets, and other hangers should be used to ensure complete security. Rutland Gutter Supply provides top-quality gutter hangers to purchase alongside your box gutter system.

What is the Correct gutter hanger spacing

Hanger spacing will vary from property to property and the main determining factor is the climate where you live. Those who live in milder climate your hangers can be placed closer to the middler of the gutter. The spacing should not exceed 30 inches If you live in an area where heavy rainfall is frequent the spacing should be a maximum of 18 inches apart as this will ensure proper support when larger amounts of water are carried down.

Do you offer custom brackets and pipe bands?

Yes, we can custom make your downspout brackets so that they fit in with your desired aesthetic.

What are the different types of rain gutters

Rutland manufactures many different gutter styles including half round, quarter round, k style and box gutters all gutter styles can be made from copper, aluminum, stainless steel, galvalume, galvanized, mill finish, painted aluminum and many more. Sizes can range from 5inch up to 12 inch for custom size contact the team at Rutland Gutter Supply

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