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Lead Coated Copper Gutters

For architects, designers, builders and homeowners that want to enjoy the durability, longevity, value and environmentally friendly nature of copper but would prefer a gray earth tone, lead coated copper has long been the copper industry's answer with the same long lasting, durable, weatherability attributes as pure copper other than the color. Lead-coated copper weathers to a matte gray appearance and any rain water runoff blends well with white or light surfaces. Rutland has the largest selection of half round copper gutters, quarter round copper gutters and K-Style copper gutters in the USA, with all the copper gutter accessories to match.  Rutland has a very large variety of seamless copper gutter sizes available for residential architecture as well as for the largest commercial building designs.  Rutland's half-round copper gutter sizes range from 5" to 10". Copper gutters are available as curved or copper radius gutters, embossed copper gutters and as copper box gutters. Rutland has copper gutter miters, flat endcap and radius copper end caps. Matching lead coated copper leader heads and lead-coated copper downspouts are available.

  lead coated copper gutter section - K style lead-coated copper gutter pictured here
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