T-Wedge Aluminum Gutter Wedges from Rutland

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A combination gutter hidden hanger and wedge for 5 inch gutters is available.
Gutter Wedges Aluminum T-Wedge

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Gutter Wedges - Aluminum T-Wedge

Gutter T-Wedges are adjustable aluminum gutter wedges available for K-Style and Half Round aluminum gutters. T-Wedges can be used with angled fascia board and over trim molding or crown molding applications to align gutters upright and help prevent sagging.

T Wedge K Style gutter wedge shown installed here  T Wedge Half Round gutter wedge shown installed here
K-Style T Wedge Sample                                            Half Round T Wedge Sample
T Wedge K Style gutter wedge installation steps shown here
T-Wedge gutter wedges models shown here for K-style and half round gutters and dimensions

T-Wedge Application:

T-Wedge 4400 - For 4"- 6" K-style Gutters
T-Wedge 4500 - For 6"- 7" K-Style Gutter (Jumbo Heavy Duty)
T-Wedge 4600 - For 5"- 6" K-Style Gutter (Use with 1x2 Trim Molding)
T-Wedge 4900 - For 6" Half Round Aluminum Gutters
T-Wedge 6600 - For 5" K-Style Gutter (Combined Gutter Hidden Hanger & Wedge 1x2)

T-Wedge Kstyle combination gutter wedge #6600 attachment shown here    T Wedge K-Style combination hidden gutter hanger and gutter wedge shown installed here
      K Style Gutter Hidden Hanger - Gutter T Wedge All In One Design
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