Gutters Colors Aluminum Gutters & Kynar 500® Premium Seamless Gutter Colors for Aluminum & Galvanized Gutters Downspouts

Rutland Supplies Copper Vent, Dormer Roof Vents, Copper Soffit Vents, Copper Roof Vents, Copper Wall Vents, Copper Louvers.
Rutland offers premium Kynar 500 gutter color paint finish for aluminum and galvanized steel gutters.

Gutter System Colors Shown: Gutter color and downspout color charts for regular aluminum gutters and downspouts using thermally set polyester acrylic paint and gutter colors for premium Kynar 500® paint finish available for aluminum and galvanized steel gutter systems.

The regular aluminum gutter color paint finish should not crack, peel, blister, chip or flake under normal usage and conditions for about 20 years.

Kynar 500® PVDF resin-based coating or finish is a longer lasting, durable paint finish that is
also virtually self-cleaning and requires little maintenance. Kynar® also offers less chalking, color change or fading and has good abrasion resistance.

Aluminum, galvanized steel , galvalume, stainless steel, zinc and copper gutters are also available in their unfinished state or mill finish to be left in their natural state or to color coordinate at the installation site.

* Please note gutter colors shown on your computer may appear some what different than the actual gutter colors. Actual gutter color sample chips on cards are available.


Kynar® and
Kynar 500®
are registered trademarks belonging to Arkema Inc.

Gutters Colors - Aluminum Regular & Downspouts

gutters colors chart in standard finish for seamless aluminum gutters

Seamless Gutters Colors & Downspouts - Kynar® Premium Colors

gutters colors shown here using Kynar 500 premium paint finish for seamless aluminum gutters and seamless galvanized steel gutters

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