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Copper Gutters

Rutland has the largest selection of half round copper gutters, quarter round copper gutters and K-Style copper gutters in the USA, with all the copper gutter accessories to match.  Rutland has a very large variety of seamless copper gutter sizes available for residential architecture as well as for the largest commercial building designs.  Rutland's half-round copper gutter sizes range from 5" to 12". Copper gutters are available as curved or copper radius gutters, embossed copper gutters and as copper box gutters. Rutland has copper gutter miters, flat endcap and radius copper end caps.

copper gutter k-style end picturedcopper gutter half round and copper gutter radius end cap shown hereEmbossed Copper Gutter - half round copper gutter with single bead pictured here
  copper gutter k-style picturedHalf round copper gutters in sizes from 5 inch to 10 inch copper guttering picturedcopper gutter quarter round

Copper Rain Gutters

We have a wide selection of seamless copper rain gutters, half round copper gutters and copper rain gutter systems as well as other copper rain gutter parts and copper gutter supplies. You’ve come to the right place, Rutland Gutter Supply, for all the copper gutter parts needed for your copper rain gutter system. Rutland can supply you with all the needed copper gutter parts from round seamless copper pipe to copper gutter hangers as well as the intricate parts, copper gutter accessories that put the final touches on your copper rain gutter system. Feel free to browse our web site for more information on our wide selection of copper gutter systems including copper half round gutters, radius copper gutters, box copper gutters, K-Style copper gutters, quarter round copper gutters, copper down spouts, copper rain gutter parts, including decorative copper gutter hangers, decorative copper downspout straps and decorative copper leader heads, copper conductor heads, copper hopper heads, copper collector boxes, etc. With copper gutter mitres, inside or outside strip or box mitres, Rutland copper eavestrough supplies are complete and virtually all from stock, available for next day delivery in the U.S. or international shipping express whatever copper gutter system terminology you prefer.
  copper gutters beaded half round with decorative copper seahorse gutter hangers pictured here

Copper Guttering - Euro Copper

Copper guttering has long been considered the ultimate in guttering and for good reason. Copper gutters have always been the most elegant and aesthetically pleasing and also the most durable and longest lasting of all gutter material types. It is not uncommon for copper gutters to have a lifespan of 60 to 90 years or triple that of aluminum. Copper guttering are mostly utilized in their natural, unfinished state allowing the copper to develop it's own distinctive, protective patina throughout many years. Copper performs great in inner cities, coastal and marine environments. Copper's protective patina gives it the ability to ward off corrosion, durability and very long life. Copper patina varies by climate but generally copper starts out a bright salmon copper and gradually turns brown, then shades of reddish brown, grayish brown, greenish brown then finally a variegated light pastel green after 25 some years. The rich changing earth tone color palette is one of the prized features of copper. Copper guttering is riveted and soldered, so there are rarely any issues with leaks or repairs. Copper gutters will definitely upgrade and enhance any home or commercial building and add true curb appeal and value. Copper gutter's super long life, little to no required maintenance, no painting, no leaks and 100% recyclability with recycled copper retaining up to 95 per cent of new raw copper value, a great case can be made for choosing copper gutters. Environmentally speaking, copper is considered one of the greenest and most eco-friendly materials available and copper's total environment cost is lower than initially cheaper materials. Total environmental cost includes the cost of raw processing, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, re-cycling and replacement costs, so durability and longevity do factor in greatly. For people that want to enjoy the durability, longevity, value and environment friendly nature of copper but would prefer gray earth tone, lead coated copper is available with the same attributes as copper other than color. Also, lead coated copper gutters versus zinc gutters are easier and more versatile to form, less restictive and easier to install, while being more reliable, durable in any weather situation and longer lasting. Copper gutters are often combined with decorative gutter hangers, seamless round copper downspouts or downpipe, decorative downspout brackets and often a decorative, distinctive conductor head or leader head. Copper guttering so configured, will positively enhance a home to where they are often viewed analogous to valuable jewelry or home accent pieces and always at home with the finest architecture.
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