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Rutland specializes in architectural copper work: building exterior copper works, green building copper architecture, custom copper construction and custom copper fabrication, as well as most metal fabrication. In addition to Rutland's exterior architectural copper work, Rutland also offers interior design copperworks such as their high end copper kitchen components, copper louvers, copper vents, a wide variety of copper accents and copper sculpture. Rutland's custom fabrication capabilities allow them to create or re-create (restoration) any copper design or by using any metal fabrication of your choice. Browse through the sample pictures below and our hundreds of web pages to get some ideas on what Rutland can accomplish. Rutland is frequently commissioned by commercial real estate, including well known hotels and resorts as well as the discerning homeowners to create an architectural masterpiece for them.
copper roof finial decorative leaves design copper dormer pyramid roof vent     copper cupola weathervane roostercopper finial roof ornament
copper leader head   radius copper gutter   copper conductor head
copper chimney cap with ornate design pictured   custom chimney cap from copper material pictured   copper chimney cap custom design with copper lattice work pictured
copper deck railing - roof widows walk balcony pictured here
copper fire pit installed in fire pit table showncopper fire pit bowl and fire pit cover shown
widow's walk copper roof deck railing construction - copper work being finished pictured
copper dome roof with copper finial pineapple
custom hand cut copper tile roof for gazebo
copper range hoods    copper sink
copper kitchen island hood and hammered copper sink
copper awning over doorway and copper deck railing or widows walk pictured
Multiple custom copper domes installed at a Carribbean resort
architectural custom copper standing seam roof and covered winding spiral copper awning
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