Octagonal Copper Cupola, Roof Cupola, Gazebo Cupolas Weathervanes, Rooftop Aluminum & Copper Cupola designs by Rutland

Rutland Architectural Copper craftsmen create custom 8 sided aluminum or copper cupolas, roof top cupolas or gazebo cupolas shipping worldwide
8-sided Octagonal Aluminum Cupola, Custom Cupolas Weathervanes, Gazebo Cupolas with Wind Vane Finial shipped world-wide
8-Sided Octagonal

Octagonal 8-sided cupolas available in two standard sizes, small or large in all aluminum construction, all pure copper construction or a combination of aluminum sides with copper roof. Aluminum cupolas may be left in mill finish aluminum or Rutland will paint in your choice of colors, including two-tone. Custom cupola roof styles, louver designs and other sizes can also be created to your specifications. All cupolas may be customized with your choice of optional finial.

Select Another Cupola Design

Cupola 4-Sided

Cupola 6-Sided

Copper Cupola: CU002 (8-sided Cupola)

copper cupolas octagonal 8 sided shapes shown with louvers and different style copper finials attached

Octagonal Copper Cupolas for Roof or Gazebo Cupola

View CAD Drawings: PDF CAD Drawing of Copper Cupola CU002 small size CU002 Small  PDF CAD Drawing of Copper Cupola CU002 large size CU002 Large

Custom Sizes and Styles Also Available
Call for pricing

octagonal cupolas - copper cupola and aluminum cupola with 8 sides shown here for use as roof cupolas or gazebo cupolas
Octagonal Copper and Aluminum Cupolas Available
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